Safest Motorcycle Helmet [2021] – Best Reviews & Guide

Are you searching for the safest motorcycle helmet?

As you are well aware of this fact that motorcycle helmets are in the PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). And they protect your neck, face, and skull from injuries, dust, sunlight, warm and cold weather conditions, and especially ultraviolet rays that can harm your skin.

Department of Transportation (DOT) around the world has implemented laws. The safest helmet for motorbiking must have to pass the FMVSS 218 standard test.


Best Safest Motorcycle Helmet

Helmets are the best source for avoiding head injuries. Most of the helmets are expensive, but we have managed to prepare a list for you with great features and a reasonable price tag.

List of Safest Motorcycle Helmets

Sr. No
Product Name
Check Price
YEMA YM-627 Helmet
Vega Helmets Warrior
Shoei X-14
Shark Evo-One 2
Arai Signet-X

Bell Revolver Evo

1. YEMA YM-627 Helmet

The YEMA YM-627 Helmet is Open from the front and is a unisex helmet. And it is prudently fabricated with high-quality ABS material. In other words, the aerodynamic shape of the helmet makes it a pleasant experience. It comes with the distinctive feature of noise reduction, which enables the drivers to concentrate on their driving and not get distracted. However, it is the Safest Motorcycle Helmet.

The Interior of the helmet comprises EPS foaming material, which provides extra softness, and at the same time, it is water-resistant to counter sweat, bacteria, and odour. And these paddings, along with the lining, is removable to provide more hygiene.

YEMA YM-627 Helmet


Key Features:

The following are the key features of the product:


YEMA YM-627 Helmet has got two vents for intake and exhaust. The vent ports have got three intakes that provide extra comfort during the hot weather conditions. And with that, the air can pass hassle-free without causing any suffocating experience for the biker.


The visors of the helmet perform multiple functions. Besides, the first one is to protect your eyes from the sunlight directly disturbing and pinching you during the bright sunny day.

The second is it is removable, and you can change then according to the weather conditions. And for further information, they are fog-resistant to provide you with the helmet perfect for the winter and summer season.

 Unisex Helmet 

It is a unisex helmet that is perfect for the wear during the motorbiking, whether you are going on a short distance or a longer distance.


YEMA YM-627 Helmet is made with an utterly washable interior. And due to this feature, you have got some extra hygiene and a healthy environment within the helmet itself. And the inner padding of the helmet is made up of the EPS foaming material.

 Face Sheild 

It has got a face shield for extra protection of the face from any sort of injuries.


The Safest Motorcycle Helmet has a combined weight of 2.6 pounds, which seems reasonable to the wearer, and it does not sound heavy to the biker during the biking experience.


The shape of the helmet is elegant, fashionable, modern, and aerodynamic at the same time. Also, due to this feature of the helmet, it looks very chic and aggressive while wearing.

 Noise Proof 

The noise reduction feature of the helmet is very nice, and the manufacturer has considered this point during the production of the helmet so that the bikers can have a smooth and noiseless experience during their biking.

 Shades Spacing 

YEMA YM-627 has extra space for the users so that they can wear the glasses if they wish or require. For instance, there are no issues reported while wearing glasses and helmet simultaneously.

 All season 

Yes, the Safest Motorcycle Helmet is an all-weather and all-season helmet for the biking purpose. After that, it provides you with extra care and benefits during the summer and winter weather conditions.

  • It provides the best protection.
  • Comfortable to wear
  • It has got some of the nice visors.
  • There is no isolation sound.
  • Not suitable in warm weather conditions
  • No Bluetooth device


YEMA YM-627 Helmet comes in the shape of an Open-Faced helmet. The helmet has got some very elegant Sun Visor. In other words, it is an affordable and comfortable helmet at the same time currently in the market.

Above all, it supports you with the Bluetooth headset by wearing it at simultaneously. As far as protection is concerned, this helmet has got some excellent protection to offer.


2. Vega Helmets Warrior

These helmets are among the leading brands that provide helmets for years, and they produce full-face and half-face helmets. Above all, the helmets produced by Vega are well thought-out the best when it comes to safety and comfort for the bikers. It is known as the Safest Motorcycle Helmet.

According to research, most of the bikers prefer full-face helmets as they provide protection and comfort while wearing them. For instance, these helmets come with a chin bar. It is designed in a manner so that to protect your chin and jaw of your face.

Vega Helmets Warrior

Key Features:

Following are the key features of the product:


The design of this helmet is half, which means it will cover your half of the face. Vega produces this helmet, especially for those riders who want to lessen neck strain. In other words, the design has another significant feature due to its light-weightiness attaching the helmet to the motorcycle is quite easy.


This helmet from Vega is unisex. In other words, both men and women can wear this helmet for their protection and find this helmet quite comfortable and lightweight.


This vega helmet comes with a sun shield that protects you from direct sunlight exposure. Above all, especially from the UV rays that can harm your face colour and tissues in particular. The sun shield is tinted, and there is no other clear shield, which is a negative point.

This helmet protects your eyes from dust, bright light, bugs, and other harmful things.


The interior of the helmet has got the liner, which is equipped from moisture-absorbent material known as EPS. This material prevents your sweat from entering into your eyes. For instance, during this process, you feel relaxed and dry.

In addition, the helmets that have got their interiors covered with EPS are best for the summer season as they won’t be posing any sweat issues to you during the biking.


Another useful feature of this helmet is that it comes with a quick-release strap. For instance, due to this feature, the rider can easily take off his helmet within seconds as compared to other helmets that come with the D-ring straps.

 Safety Features 

This Vega warrior helmet meets the standards set by the (DOT) Department of Transportation. In other words, DOT safety standards for the helmets include ventilation, thickness, durability, and a high level of protection upon impact during an accident.


Vega warrior helmet comes with a five-year warranty. Above all, this feature of the helmet is the most impressive one as compared to the other Safest Motorcycle Helmet currently available in the market.


Vega helmets are known to be the edgy looking, comfortable, fit, and latest helmets. Therefore, they have got some of the several style options in which they come, such as the American flag is on it in the solid colours. In other words, they come in many colours and options of styles that you can prefer to wear.


This Safest Motorcycle Helmet has an impressive 2.2 pounds weight. According to the researches, stands among the most lightweight helmets that are currently prevailing in the market for bikers.


The size of the helmet has a lot to offer. It has got an adjustment system for the size of the helmet to fit your skull size. Above all, this helmet comes in the variations of six ranging from extra small to double extra large.

 All Season helmet 

This helmet from Vega has got some excellent features for the riders. And due to these features, these helmets are known to be the best helmets for the summer season helmets. These helmets have a high density of ventilation, which makes this half-face helmet perfect for the summer season.

  • Vega warrior has got the Size adjustment system.
  • This helmet is lightweight.
  • It comes in seven different colours.
  • These helmets are available in six different sizes.
  • It has got a Quick-release system.
  • The Interior of the helmet comprises of EPS foam.
  • The helmet won’t protect upon an impact.
  • It is not suitable for new bikers.
  • The helmet is half-face.


The Vega warrior is a half helmet that comes in seven different colour options. The helmet has got approx. Six size options as well. Above all, this lightweight helmet has got 2.2 pounds of weight, and this known to be the most lightweight helmet. The Interior of the helmet comprises the EPS foaming material.

Which is a positive point when it comes to the hot weather conditions and the sweat problems of the bikers. This vega helmet has got some of the best features. Among these essential features, one of them is a sun shield to protect your eyes from dust.


3. Shoei X-14

Over the years, a few helmets have spawned so much interest and enthusiasm. The Shoei X-14 helmets are the Safest Motorcycle Helmet among the few. Furthermore, this helmet is created with so much craftsmanship that it is among the few best and safest motorcycle helmet.

It has got the following of the top-notch racers in the world. And they simply adore this helmet due to its features. And abilities to perform in every condition this helmet went through.

Shoei X-14

Key Features:


Shoei has put much effort into the process of improving the ventilation system for X-14. The two vent system runs from the chin guard and the other from the up/down slider. Similarly, there is another vent that provides fresh air to the cheeks, which are the latest technology implemented in the helmets.

Through this ventilation system, the environment of the helmet remains cold and fresh. Above all, the rider need not worry about the hot and humid weather condition inside the helmet.


The Interior of the Safest Motorcycle Helmet X-14 is top-rated and comfortable by owners. Furthermore, after wearing the helmet, a slightly tight fit is the first feeling you have. And after a few moments, you start to feel comfortable and relaxed wearing the helmet.

The interior lining of the helmet is removable and can easily be washable. Furthermore, along with that, it is adjustable too.


There are three ventilation air intakes in the helmet: the first is the upper vent, the top vent, and the cheek pad vent. Above all, these three vents are in a position to give bikers the maximum air inside the helmet.

Other than the vent is the EPS liner. For instance, this EPS is the standard in the helmets to provide clean and fresh air to the biker.

 Looks & Aesthitics 

This Safest Motorcycle Helmet Shoei X-14 has got some distinctive looks. These helmets can be spotted from a distance. They are good looking helmets. It comes in Matte Black colour.

 Face Shield 

There is an impressive face shield on the helmets. This shield protects the bikers from the dust, wind, particles, and of course, the fog. Moreover, there is a Pinlock antifog inserted into the helmet to prevent the visibility issues caused by the mist.

Another feature of the face shield is that it has a photochromic visor. However, this adjusts the tint of the shield to best suit your requirements automatically. This helmet is known as the best antifog motorcycle helmet.


The approximate weight of the helmet is about 1 pound per unit.


Shoei X-14 has got the work of inkling, which makes it slippery and aerodynamic. Furthermore, the aerodynamic shape of the helmet has a design that offers a minimum or no drag during high speeds. On the contrary, it increases the stability of the helmet and offers an exclusive experience to the biker.


Sportsbike and heavy bikes have the noise of their own. Furthermore, during the riding, the biker, after some time, starts to get annoyed by the sounds of the bike.

With this thing in mind, the helmets now have the designs that suit the quiet environment within the helmet. To overcome such a situation, it provides the best-suited helmets with no sounds to distract the biker during riding. X-14 are the quiet helmets for the bikers.

 Shades Spacing 

There is individual spacing for the shades. So that the biker can comfortably wear the glasses and can enjoy the biking experience.

 All Season Helmet 

Shoei X-14 is an all-season helmet. This helmet can be useful for wearing during the winter and summer seasons. No issues are yet reported from the bikers while using in hot and foggy season.

  • This helmet is highly durable
  • It is second to none when it comes to its features
  • Quality-Based
  • Highly adjustable
  • The visor is challenging to open with gloves
  • The price tag is high
  • Not Unisex


The Shoei X-14 belongs to the family of Shoei X racing line helmets. Now Shoei X14 is the advanced version of the X-12. Furthermore, the Shoei brings a visible changeover to the previous version X-12.

It has got some unparallel aerodynamics. For instance, the ventilation system of the helmet provides comfort with security and customization.

The Shoei X-14 has got some of the best features for the race line bikers. However, the price tag for the Shoei X-14 is very high. And when we compare it with other helmets that are currently available in the market.


4. Shark Evo-One 2

The number fourth is Shark EVO One 2 which made it to the Safest motorcycle helmet‘s list. The helmet has the option to turn into a full-faced or half-faced helmet simultaneously. Moreover, the helmet has the most suited chin bars to operate during the riding.

Shark Evo One 2 is equipped with the Ultraviolet 380 label along with the anti-scratch visor for both sunlight. The visor is a quick release option for seamless working during the biking.

Shark Evo-One 2

The chin covers in the helmet can quickly flip back and forth according to the rider needs. Due to this reason, the balance of the helmet remains the same.

There are thermoplastic resin shells that cover the helmets from inside the helmet to provide you with the best fit. The helmet has got the best visor which is made from the kinematic. Above all, a high-quality lock system for the chin guard is also in place.

Key Features:


There is an anti-scratch, UV protected, visor. The quick-release system drives this visor, which means that you don’t have to manually up or down the visor. Furthermore, all you have to do is push the button, and the visor is adjusted for you.

 Chin Cover: 

The chin cover of Shark Evo-One 2 is an Integrated one. Which means that all you have to do is push a button. Above all, the visor or the chin cover or both at the same time is adjusted to the requirements. This provides the rider with a rather purposeful and peaceful ride.

 Unisex Helmet: 

Yes, it is a unisex helmet. Also, this helmet is best for adults riding racing bikes.


The interior of the helmet comprises of the fabric, which is soft and elegant at the same time. Furthermore, the interior of the helmet has a removable, washable liner that is easy to remove and wash. The Cool Max liner provides the best interior of the helmet.


Shark Evo-One 2 comes in different looks, e.g. White, Black, and Silver.


The shape of the Shark Evo-One 2 comprises of the Polycarbonate material. Shark Evo-One 2 has got an aerodynamic shape. Due to the shape of the helmet, the performance of the helmet is maintained either open face, full-face.


Shark Evo-One 2 has got the most advanced technology for avoiding any noise hinders.  It is observed that while driving the bike at high speed, air produce noise due to friction. That’s the reason, sounds and noise hinder drivers during the high-speed biking experience.

 Shades Spacing: 

The helmet has got the ideal luxury within the helmet for those persons who wear glasses. So there is no need for the bikers to remove their glasses before taking on the helmet.

 All Season Helmet: 

This DOT approved helmet is best for the all-weather season. The biker can enjoy the ride in the winter and summer season at the same time.

  • This is an aerodynamic shape helmet.
  • It has got an integrated sun visor.
  • The helmet is DOT approved.
  • It does not support Bluetooth.
  • A bit heavy.


A Safest Motorcycle Helmet Shark EVO-ONE 2 is the most developed helmet currently available in the market. Above all, you get is the ultimate safety of the rider without making any compromise on comfort and style. Furthermore, the flexibility, and room the helmet offers to the riders make the ride a better experience.


5. HJC C70

The HJC C70 is an erudite polycarbonate helmet. Safest Motorcycle Helmet is lightweight and fits perfectly. Furthermore, C70 uses CAD technology that provides extra comfort. Above all, this is an aerodynamic full-faced helmet for experienced bikers.

For instance, an advanced ventilation system allows the air circulation of air from the front to the back of the helmet to disperses moisture and heat. In addition, the lock is multi-adjustable. And it has a removable, and moisture-wicking lining. However, it is the best motorcycle helmet for fog.


Key Features:

Following are the key features of the product:


There are two vents in the Safest Motorcycle Helmet for ventilation purposes. In other words, the first one is at the top, and the other is in the chin bar. In addition, these vents allow the air to enter and exit the helmet.


Now comes the visors, it has got an anti UV visor installed in the helmet. Furthermore, these visors have a quick-release mechanism. Whereas, another feature is the sun visor along with the scratch resistance. The top feature of C70 is the pin-lock anti-fog.


When it comes to the safety of the rider, HJC has got a pretty much good reputation. The ECE has tested the helmet for its durability and safety features.


Safest Motorcycle Helmet HJC C70 has a wind tunnel for improved aerodynamics. In addition, these aerodynamics helps reduce the noise of the helmet. You have holes for ventilation. This amply of padding inside the C70 with cheek pads that are for noise suppression.

 Shades Spacing: 

Yes, the helmet has got the space for the shades or glasses. The rider who wishes to use glasses the helmet has got the option for it.

 All Season Helmet: 

Yes, this helmet is best for the summer and winter season.

  • HJC C70 has got good value for money.
  • The helmet has got an excellent ventilation system
  • It has a wide range of view
  • Safety Protection
  • There are no pin locks in the helmet.
  • It comes with only one year guarantee.
  • No Built-in Bluetooth


HJC C70 has an aerodynamic shape with a black colour option. C70 has proper ventilation, a sun visor, and a sun visor system, and the cheek pads are comfortable. Furthermore, the helmet comes with a reasonable price tag. In addition, it offers excellent performance with the significant features you desire.


6. Arai Signet-X

Another which made it yo our Safe Motorcycle Helmet List is Arai Signet-X. In other words, Arai has a long-oval shape helmet, and it has a design of the next generation bikers. Moreover, Arai Signet-X has multiple comfort features in it.

It includes a VAS MAX Version of a face shield, an anti-bacterial lining, and an over-sized chin cover are the few of them. Furthermore, the cheek pads and the QVF upper vents channels are more adjustable for the better flow of air with in the helmet. Arai Signet-X is Snell, and Dot approved helmet.

Arai Signet-X

Key Features:


The view out of the Arai Signet-X is good and a comprehensive eye-port. In other words, It has an average angle for the view. The visor also has a Pinlock Max.


The interior of the Safest Motorcycle Helmet comprises of the fully removable lining. Along with that, an anti-bacterial and Eco-friendly lining can be replaced and washed easily.


The Arai Signet-X comes in black, blue, white, and grey colours.

 Face Sheilds: 

This Safest Motorcycle Helmet has a Variable axis shield system that provides the mechanism for the enhancement of the shape of the helmet. In other words, the face shield gives extra protection, and the axis system gives extra coverage.

Furthermore, there are dual levers installed in the helmet for the smooth opening and closing of the shield when required.


Arai Signet-X is a lightweight helmet as compared to others. As it weighs around 4 pounds.


The shape of the Arai Signet-X is a long-oval shape helmet for the advanced racing bikes and riders.


It has got some sophisticated paddings within the interior of the helmet. In other words, this gives the best noise reduction aspect to the rider. Furthermore, hence the rider can enjoy the ride without even getting disturbance through the noises.

 Chin Cover: 

Safest Motorcycle Helmet Arai Signet-X has got the ES water repulsive covers for the chin. In other words, this allows the airflow of the helmet to increase drastically. Hence the inside of the helmet remains refreshing and soothing for the rider.

 Shades Spacing: 

Yes, there are spacing for the shades or glasses of the rider.

 All Season: 

Arai Signet-X is an all-weather and all-season helmet. Furthermore, it has a future design to fulfill the requirements of the bikers of the future. However, Arai Signet-X is the best motorcycle helmet for rain also.

  • Excellent graphics
  • The helmet has a protective feel
  • Beautiful view from the eye-port
  • All Weather
  • Dot & Snell Approved
  • Control issues at vent holes
  • Cheek pad are a little rough
  • Not unisex


As discussed, Arai Signet-X is the helmet for the future. It has an oval shape, with the next-generation design. The features include a face shield, an anti-bacterial lining, an over-sized chin cover, and individual vents for air intake. Also, Arai Signet-X is Snell, and Dot approved helmets. You’re good to go with this one as it is composed of almost all necessary features.


7. Bell Revolver Evo

The Bell Revolver EVO is the safest motorcycle helmet. In other words, its inner shell is made of polycarbonate. Bell Revolver Evo has a medium and large size. However, it is lightweight and protects your face and head from substantial damage. Aerodynamically stable. For instance, this is the best motorcycle helmet safety rating with the Best antifog motorcycle helmet.

Bell Revolver Evo Motorcycle Helmet

Key Features:


The vents of the Safest Motorcycle Helmet are the most critical and robust features of Bell Revolver Evo helmets. You are wearing the Bell Revolver Evo whenever you open up the shield. All you get is enough airflow and ventilation that makes the helmet inside the area cool and fresh.


Bell Revolver EVO helmets that have the provision for speakers and the usage of audio speakers. Feel free while wearing the helmet during the harsh environment of the summer season or winter season. Because of the NutraFog II, you are protected by the UV rays, scratches, and the fog.


Yes, it has a Bluetooth facility, and you need not wear extra gadgets after wearing the helmet. The helmet has got the Integrated speaker inside.

 Face Shield: 

Riding in the scorching heat and the hot sun is not comfortable weather to wear the helmet. The Revolver EVO visors for sunshade helps you out in this regard. They block the sun getting into your eyes, and you can ride the bike with ease.


The helmet comes in the Solid matte black, black and white, rally matte black, and white colors.


The shape of the helmet is oval that perfectly matches the shape of the head.


The Safest Motorcycle Helmet Bell Revolver Evo comes with the 5 years warranty.

 Shades Spacing: 

Yes, you read it right. It has space for shades, or you can say glasses.

 All Seasons: 

Yes, this is an all-weather helmet.

  • It has a comfort fit
  • Shade Spacing
  • Protection Facility
  • Helmet has a speaker facility
  • It has noise issues
  • The narrow shape


The Bell Revolver EVO helmet has an angular, modern style helmet. Safest Motorcycle Helmet is a visually appealing helmet. A chin cover with the better eye-port, and a smooth sun shield. Ventilation has a plus point which keeps your head cool. It is quite light in weight. There are audio speakers with integrated speaker pockets.


Buying Guide:

This article is all about the Safety Motorcycle Helmet, and we have managed to get the best of the information about the best products that are available in the market. Here are some of the vital buying guide points everyone needs to consider before going to purchase the helmet for himself or herself.

The exhaust of helmets:

The helmet should have vents for air intake and exhaust for the air. There must be right vent ports installed to provide maximum air and ventilation to the biker inside the helmet.

The air must pass through the helmet inside out of the helmet hassle-free. And the biker won’t be feeling suffocated within the helmet. Good helmets have got some extra measures to counter the exhaust problems.


The visors perform multiple functions in Helmets. They are among the crucial aspects through which the helmet is judged for its abilities. It’s first, and the foremost thing for the visor is to protect your eyes from the sunlight, and dust particles. These dust particles pinch the bikers during the motorbiking. The sunlight makes it difficult to see through a distance due to rays.

Secondly, the visors are responsible for getting rid of the UV rays that can affect your skin tone of the face. After that, visor comes in different forms. So,  that you can adjust them according to the weather conditions during the biking experience.

The visor also comes in the fog-resistant form, that provides you and your helmet for the perfect protection during the winter season.

Unisex Helmet:

There are two types of Helmets currently available in the market for bikers, for Men & Women. The helmets have got the same elements and attributes. These helmets have passed the FMVSS 218 standard test.

Interiors of the helmet:

The interior of the helmets should be made with a washable interior. Almost all of the good and best helmets are made up of the EPS foaming. This maintains internal hygiene and the environment of the helmet.   The main padding inside the helmet is the leading cause that can provide you with hygiene and a healthy environment.

Bluetooth Enabled:

Most of the Safest Motorcycle Helmet has got the feature of Bluetooth connectivity within the helmet. These latest technology-enabled helmets have been introduced not lately. Due to this feature, bikers won’t have to wear extra gadgets so that to answer the phone calls during biking. Although a significant number of helmets still have not been updated with this technology. And due to this, bikers have to wear extra gadgets to get themselves connected.

Face Shield:

There is an impressive face shield on the Safest Motorcycle Helmets. This shield protects the bikers from the dust, wind, particles, and of course, the fog. There is a Pinlock antifog inserted into the helmet to prevent the visibility issues caused by the fog. Another feature of the face shield is that it has a photochromic visor.

Lightweight helmets:

Nowadays almost all of the helmets are lightweight and easy to wear. The average weight of the best and the safest motorcycle helmet nowadays weighs around 2-2.5 pounds. This is because bikers nowadays don’t like to wear heavy helmets.  As heavy helmets cause pain and hinder driving.

Noise Reduction:

The noise reduction feature of the Helmets is quite a nice feature. Manufacturers have been working on the noise reduction feature of the helmets. The noiseless helmets provide so much pleasure to the bikers. And due to the noiseless helmets, the bikers can have a smooth experience. So always choose the one having this feature.

Shades spacing:

Shade spacing is the space for glasses that the biker may wear during the biking. As you know that some bikers use glasses, so they need to wear them during biking as well. Some of the helmets come with this feature, and some not. Due to this fact, nowadays, most of the manufacturers are now producing helmets with extra spacing for the glasses. So if you use shades, then get the one having this feature.

All season Helmet:

Almost all of the modern-day motorcycle helmets are now all weather and all season helmets. This means that the bikers can wear them during the summer and winter seasons without any issues. As you all know that during the summer season, perspiration hinders during driving. And the reason behind this is the heat within the helmet. An excellent ventilation system in the helmets allows the bikers to enjoy the ride even in the scorching heat.

Bikers also face the same issue during the winter season when breathing in the helmet causes fog on the screen. And this hinders the biker’s visibility during driving. The manufacturers have resolved this issue by installing the antifog screens so that the bikers can enjoy biking hassle-free.


The size of the helmets is another feature to note. The top helmet producing companies have got a wide range of sizes for the people. Most of the best helmets come with the adjustable size for the helmets. This is due to the reason that the rider won’t have to face any trouble while wearing the helmet. Most of the helmets have got six to eight size variations for their consumers.


These can be in black, grey, red, white, yellow, silver, pink, neon colours, yellow, and green. There are so many options available in the helmets. And it is up to you which colour suits your personality. And which looks best to you.

Chin cover:

The Safety Motorcycle Helmets now comes in the water repellent ES Chin cover. The new helmets are now equipped with the airflow that covers the helmet all over. And due to this airflow, the exhaust of the helmet increases. The mouth area within the helmet gets maximum air, and the noise is reduced to the minimum. Chin covers are best for both summer and winter weather conditions as these covers are replaceable upon the choice of biker.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which type of helmet is safe?

Full face type of helmet is the Safest Motorcycle Helmet as they protect your jaws, chin, face, neck, and skull.

Are cheap motorcycle helmets safe?

Yes, there are several helmets, which are cheap but providing all quality features.

What is the best material for a motorcycle helmet?

Carbon/Kevlar helmets are the best material for the Motorcycle Helmets due to its toughness and durability.

Are Snell helmets safer?

Yes, they are safer. However, Snell is a certification that requires extensive testing for the Safest Motorcycle Helmet.

Are carbon fibre helmets safer?

Yes, carbon fibre helmets are the Safest Motorcycle Helmets as carbon fibre helmets have increased safety, comfort, and durability.


Final Verdict:

We did our best to come up with an exclusive and up to date article on the safest motorcycle helmet. As you know, the helmet is created by different companies and come with different variations and specifications. Full face helmets meet the criteria set by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

There are only a few helmets that go beyond the standards set by the DOT to the Snell.

It ultimately depends upon you to go for the helmet, which is DOT certified. Or have the ECE 22/05 certification with it. And even goes further and has the snell certification as well. These certifications are for your benefit to provide you with the best biking experience.

For the best safety helmet, we recommend Arai Signet-X as Safest Motorcycle Helmet, which is costly when it comes to the price tag but its a quality product. Along with that, it comes with the full specifications and capabilities to outperform the other helmets.

And on the other hand, we have the HJC C70. This helmet comes with a reasonable price tag, with the capability of delivering the best features.

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