Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers – [Bluetooth+Wired] Rated for 2021

So, what’s the basic difference between driving a car and a motorcycle? Nothing except the comfort to listen to music or attend calls, etc. Hold up! It’s now possible to enjoy music or to communicate with your loved ones even if you are riding a motorcycle. How? You might ask. The best motorcycle helmet speakers are our answer.

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These days, the market of motorcycle speakers is filled with different types, i.e. wired, wireless, or headsets, etc. So, choosing the best pick would be rather difficult especially if you are new to the helmet speakers.

That’s why we are here to help you out. With hours and hours of research, personal experiments, and what the customers say, we’ve picked the cream in form of the 10 top-rated motorcycle helmet speakers for you.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Speaker – List Rated For 2021

Talk Time
13 hours
JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Headset
50 hours
UClear Digital Pulse
Sena SMH10
12 hours
Outdoor Chips 2.0
10 hours
IASUS XSound 2.1
8 hours
THOKWOK Helmet Headset
9 hours
YOVDA Bluetooth 5.0
10 hours
Alta Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
7 hours

1. Cardo PACKTALK – Best Motorcycle Helmet Speaker 2021

Starting with Cardo PACKTALK Bold, it’s been awarded the first position for being the most versatile motorcycle speaker available in the market. The brand is into making motorcycle speakers for quite some time. To be honest, this PACKTALK BOLD is the best gadget that this manufacturer has produced up till now. For starters, the speaker is a complete package.

Cardo PACKTALK Motorcycle Helmet Speakers


That said, it can be utilized for attending or rejecting calls or to enjoy a hassle-free music experience without any worries. In addition to all other features, it has got an easy assembly which means that you can literally place it anywhere on your helmet to enjoy a long ride perfectly.

As for the price, Cardo PACKTALK Bold is a bit costly. It has a price tag of around $250 which is quite expensive. But, it’s a one-time investment and that’s why motorcyclists are crazy about it.

Some important features that one of the best motorcycle helmet Bluetooth speakers offer are as follows:

Key Features You Should Know:

Natural Voice Delivery:

The speaker system is all about delivering your voice as naturally as possible. That said, the addition of updated tech in this gadget ensures flawless communication with your motorcycle buddies or any other person.

Powered by JBL:

You’d be surprised to know that Cardo has partnered with JBL (a popular audio company) to make the musical experience as perfect for you as possible. With the latest JBL speaker up-gradation, you’d enjoy loud and clear music without any hassle.

Waterproof Design:

On the other hand, one thing that has intrigued me a lot regarding the best helmet speaker is that it has a waterproof body. No matter in which environment are you riding, this system won’t be disappointing you anytime soon.

Quick Bluetooth Connectivity:

The addition of Bluetooth 4.1 to the speaker system makes it easier for you to pair it up with your smartphone within no time. Not only that, but the connectivity is as strong as Wi-Fi which is something quite exceptional.

Built-in FM Radio:

In the end, Cardo offers an in-built FM radio system in its speaker that will keep you away from boredom and early fatigue for a long time. You can tune the radio settings from your smartphone easily.

  • Compact and portable.

  • Dynamic Mesh communication option.

  • Perfect for long journeys.

  • Offers a distance range of up to 1.6km.

  • Waterproof and resistant to harsh weather conditions.

  • Bluetooth 4.1 interface.

  • A bit expensive.

  • Not compatible with evert half helmet.

Final Views:

Packtalk Bold is really bold as far as its features and qualities are concerned. However, the price it has got is a little bit expensive. Regardless of that, you must try to get this speaker system especially if you are aiming for a long-term investment.


2. JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Headset – Budget Motorcycle Helmet Speaker:

Got a little bit nervous about the price tag of speaker system we mentioned above? Well, we are not here to give you any stress at all. If you are low on budget, then we’ve got you covered with JZAQ helmet headset. It’d barely cost you 30 bucks. Surprised? I bet you are already.

For starters, one of the cheapest motorcycle helmet speakers comes with an elegant design. It can easily get adjusted inside the helmet to offer you an indulged musical experience.

JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Headset


Besides, there won’t be any connectivity issues as the headset has got the latest Bluetooth interface. All in all, it’d be a perfect opportunity to get your hands on this headset system before it’s too late.

Some important features about one of the best motorcycle helmet speakers are as follows:

Important Features You Must Know:

Long-Lasting Battery:

A long-lasting 900 mAh battery ensures a long journey without getting out of power. On one full charge, the speakers might work for more than 50 hours which is phenomenal.

Bluetooth 5.0 Interface:

The installation of Bluetooth 5.0 JZAQ headset speaker ensures lag-free connectivity and pairing at the same time. Besides, the headset could easily get paired up with more than one device at a time.

Extraordinary Sound Quality:

Special DPS noise-canceling technology being used by the manufacturer ensures a disturbance-free music experience especially if you are on a long track. There won’t be any disturbance of the wind even if you are riding at a fast pace.

Easy to Install:

Last but not the least, the headset gets adjusted on the inside of the helmet. With little effort, you could easily install these tiny little headphones and enjoy your favorite songs while riding the motorcycle.

  • Cheapest Bluetooth speakers of 2020.

  • Noise-canceling sound quality.

  • Perfect for long routes.

  • Easy to install inside the helmet.

  • Long-lasting battery.

  • Speakers are a bit thicker than advertised.

  • No other major issues.

Final Views:

JZAQ has done a splendid job with the headset it has produced which is already getting popular among the riders who are low on budget. My two cents? You should get it, especially if you are unable to invest in the likes of Cardo or other expensive motorcycle speakers.


3. UClear Digital Pulse – Best Wired Speakers:

Enough with the Bluetooth or wireless speaker systems, now is the time that we talk about another important type of speaker, i.e., wired ones. In this regard, the first pick on our list comes from UClear, which is a popular brand in terms of producing cheap helmet speakers.

UClear Digital Pulse Wired Speakers


Talking of Digital Pulse, its shape and design resemble the JZAQ headphones except that these headphones are wired. Yeah, a 3.5mm audio jack is present with the headphones to get connected to your smartphone or MP3 player directly.

The price, on the other hand, isn’t too much and that’s the reason you should think about the best motorcycle helmet speakers.

Some key features of UClear Digital Pulse are as follows:

Key Features You Must Know:

Upgraded Audio Quality:

First things first, the audio quality of these speakers is second to none. With that said, the use of premium audio drivers allows motorcyclists to enjoy their favorite songs while going on a long journey.

Easy Adjustable:

Adjusting the speakers is somewhat easy as compared to other gadgets available in the market. You can simply adjust them inside the helmet in an ergonomic position to enjoy your favorite songs without any hassle.

Universal Connectivity:

A stereo audio jack of 3.5mm makes the best wired motorcycle helmet speakers ideally compatible with a huge number of devices. Plus, there won’t be any connectivity issues as the headphones would be directly connected to your smartphone.

  • No battery drainage issues.

  • Durable and sturdy construction.

  • Suitable for long journeys.

  • Adjustable inside the helmet.

  • Ensures universal connectivity.

  • Affordable price tag.

  • Wired speakers are a bit outdated.

  • Messy wires might make your journey frustrated.

Final Views:

My suggestion? If you are okay with handling the mess of wires while riding your motorcycle, then I’d recommend you to check out UClear Digital Plus speakers for your helmet.


4. Sena SMH10 – Best Motorcycle Helmet Intercom

Sena, a famous motorcycle audio brand has introduced an all-round speaker system which is quite helpful especially for riders who travel in groups. Starting with the overall design, the shape is quite simple yet unique at the same time. Not only that, but the speaker system comes with Intercom option that helps you to remain connected to your crew especially when you are traveling to an unknown destination.

Sena SMH10 Helmet Speakers


All these options and features in a mere price tag of few hundred bucks is quite intriguing. To simply put, this intercom speaker system should be a priority for you especially if you want to get in touch with each of your crewmates while riding the motorcycle.

Let’s have a look at some of the most important features offered by Sena Intercom speaker system:

Key Features You Must Know:

Long-Sharing Distance:

First things first, the presence of an intercom makes it easier for this speaker system to remain connected to other systems from as far as 900 meters. Hence, you’d remain in touch with your crew no matter to which area you are traveling.

Bluetooth Technology:

Special Bluetooth 3.0 interface ensures flawless wireless connectivity. That said, you have to pair it up with your smartphone only once. Right after that, you can enjoy your favorite music tracks without any hassle or frustration.

Improved Battery life and Standby Time:

Last but not the least, one of the best motorcycle helmet intercom speakers come with an improved battery timing. That is, on one full charge, the system ensures a 12 hour talk time. Not only that, but a standby time of 10 days on a single charge is something appreciable.

  • Extremely durable design.

  • Perfect intercom connectivity.

  • A must-have accessory for a large motorcycle crew.

  • Powerful audio drivers for a mesmerizing music experience.

  • Improved battery timing.

  • Integrated mic is not too durable.

  • The mic can get loose over time.

Final Views:

In the end, Sena SMH-10 ensures a reliable audio connectivity experience and helps you to remain engaged in music for a long time. Priced at only around 140 bucks, it should be a top priority for you if you want to keep in touch with every member of your crew.


5. Outdoor Chips 2.0 – Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers for Music:

Chips 2.0 are speakers introduced by Outdoor Technology Store are specifically meant for the peeps who are into hardcore music. With these headphones, it’d be easier for you to get that feel of music with full base and clarity. Yeah, you heard it right.

Outdoor Chips 2.0


That’s why the speakers are designed with a bulky shape and body. Apart from that, what I loved the most about this speaker system is that it ensures an easy to use interface. All controls of the speakers could be utilized just from the palm of your hand which is quite extraordinary.

Some notable features regarding the best motorcycle helmet speakers for music are as follows:

Key Features You Need to Know:

Immersive Music Experience:

Starting with the audio quality first, Chips 2.0 comes with integrated 40mm audio drivers. It ensures a soothing, loud, and an ultra-bass musical experience. Therefore, you can enjoy your favorite music tracks while traveling to unknown destinations.

Universal Compatibility:

Mind you that these headphones from Outdoor Technology Store are compatible with most of the half-faced, full-faced, and open-faced helmets. So, peace of mind would be there while purchasing them.

Glove-Friendly Controls:

Lastly, what I loved the most in Chips 2.0 is that these headphones could be managed from the hands perfectly. That said, a two-way controlling system could be adjusted on the gloves to keep the music volume at a suitable position as per your will and wish.

  • Glove-friendly controls.

  • Offers a hardcore music listening experience.

  • Large 40mm audio drivers included.

  • 10 hours talk time.

  • Perfect for long journeys.

  • Gets charged easily.

  • A bit expensive.

  • Poor customer response.

Final Views:

Chips 2.0 are the best motorcycle helmet headphones available in the market in terms of crystal clear audio quality. I’d be referring them to you especially if all you want is an immersed music experience throughout the journey.


6. IASUS XSound 2.1 – Best Headphones for Long Tours:

Do you get easily frustrated while you are on a long trip all alone on your motorcycle? If that’s the case, I’d recommend you to take a look at IASUS XSound headphones. I mean as far as I was concerned, these headphones were the main reason I enjoyed long and farther tours happily and without any fatigue.

So, that’s that. Well, the first impressions of the headphones are quite impressive. Although the size is a little bit bulky than expected, that’s the main reason there won’t be any wind noise to frustrate you.

IASUS XSound 2.1


As per my experience. With XSound 2.1, you’d be enjoying an immersed music listening experience and that too at an extremely reasonable rate.

Some important qualities ensured by the best motorcycle headphones are as follows:

Important Features You Need to Know:

Solid Bass and Crisp Music:

One thing that I can guarantee you regarding XSound 2.1 is that these headphones are capable of damaging your eardrums. I mean, the presence of a powerful audio driver is what ensures a super bass and crystal clear music quality for a long time. I’d be suggesting you not to listen to music on full volume on these headphones. Please!

Easy to Assemble:

Although the size of the headphones is a bit larger than other speaker systems we discussed above, adjusting them is still easier than expected. The best headphones for motorcycle helmet have got 3 Velcro stickers, which will allow you to fix them inside your helmet for a long time.

No Power Cut Issues:

For your information, the headphones are wired and they connect via a 3.5mm audio jack. So, as long as your smartphone has the charge, these headphones will be delivering you audio with hardcore bass. To put it simply, you won’t have to worry about the battery drainage issue at all.

  • Offers solid bass.

  • Premium audio quality.

  • Cost less than 40 bucks.

  • Easily compatible with most of the helmets.

  • Suitable for long journeys.

  • High volume is dangerous for eardrums.

  • The brand recommends using these headphones at medium volume.

Final Views:

My experience with XSound 2.1 was full of entertainment as I enjoyed my favorite songs while traveling to a long destination. I’d advise you too to consider these headphones if you are an audiophile like me.


7. LEXIN 2pcs B4FM – Best Noise Canceling Motorcycle Helmet Speakers:

Moving forward with a sophisticated innovation of LEXIN, i.e. an all-rounder speaker system, which is already catching the attention of music loving motorcyclists. Starting with the features, there is nothing that these speakers can’t do.



Be it the intercom communication, Bluetooth connectivity, or a crystal clear audio quality, these wireless speakers won’t be disappointing you anytime soon. Apart from that, LEXIN offers two speaker pieces at a reasonable price tag which is quite justified considering how overpowered the speakers are.

Some notable features offered by the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers for music are as follows:

Technical Features You Must Know:

Perfect Intercom Sharing Experience:

Firstly, the presence of latest technologies in this speaker system can let you get in touch with four other riders without any hassle. There won’t be any connectivity issues whatsoever.

Stereo Audio Quality:

On the other hand, what I loved the most in LEXIN B4FM is that it ensures an immersed and indulging audio experience. The noise control feature is well up to the mark that ensures a flawless music experience.

Long Lasting Battery:

Lastly, what you’d find intriguing in these wireless headphones is their long-lasting battery timing. That said, the speaker system ensures a talk time of up to 15 hours. Plus a 120 hours standby time is also offered for a perfect long journey.

  • Offers an immersive audio experience.

  • Intercom sharing for up to four people.

  • Long-lasting battery.

  • Gets attached to any helmet easily.

  • Bluetooth connectivity included.

  • Suitable for attending calls.

  • Not so reliable.

  • Customer support ain’t responsive.

Final Views:

LEXIN B4FM is indeed a speaker system that every motorcyclist dreams of. The intercom tech used in it is simply out of this world. So, my recommendation to you would be to get these speaker units before you leave for a long trip on a motorcycle.


8. THOKWOK Helmet Headset – Best Bluetooth Headset :

Up next on our list is a headset package from THOKWOK that has everything that you’d need to utilize during a long motorcycle ride. That said, the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset comes with a compact and portable design.

THOKWOK Helmet Headset


The speakers, on the other hand, could easily be attached to the inside of the helmet to get a 360° surrounding audio quality. That’s something very rare for a gadget that has literally everything available to be used by the rider.

Some of the most important features offered by THOKWOK Bluetooth headset are as follows:

Key Features You Should Know:

Quickly Connecting Bluetooth Chip:

The Bluetooth chip being installed in this headset is capable of pairing up even if you are driving at around 80km/hr. Adding to that, it ensures a perfect intercommunication system along with immersive audio.

Noise Cancellation:

On the other hand, the best motorcycle helmet headset comes with DSP noise canceling technology. It can sufficiently reduce the impact of wind noise to ensure perfect audio quality for wholesome music experience.


In the end, you can utilize this device even if it’s raining cats and dogs. That said, the gadget is completely resistant to water so you can use it in harsh weather conditions without any worries.

  • Excellent intercom pairing.

  • Quickly connecting Bluetooth chip.

  • Ensures a perfect audio quality.

  • Suitable for full-face helmets.

  • Headphones can be attached inside the helmet easily.

  • Headphones aren’t loud enough.

  • No other major issues.

Final Views:

Rated at no more than 50 bucks, THOKWOK Bluetooth headset could prove to be your best investment especially if you are low on budget.


9. YOVDA Bluetooth 5.0 – Best Motorcycle Helmet Earphones:

YOVDA Bluetooth 5.0 are indeed the cheapest motorcycle helmet earphones available in the market and on our list too.  The earphones offer a wireless connectivity interface which is quite impressive.

YOVDA Bluetooth 5.0


Not only that, but the audio quality is also well up to the mark. In comparison with all other speaker systems we mentioned up till now, I found YOVDA Bluetooth to be superior over all of them in terms of distortion-free audio quality.

That’s that. In my suggestion, you should be capitalizing on the opportunity to purchase these cheap earphones before it’s too late.

Important Features You Need to Know:

Long Standby Time:

The most important feature that you need to know about YOVDA Bluetooth 5.0 is that they offer a long standby time. For instance, on one full charge, you’d be getting at least 160 hours of standby time which is quite awesome.

Impressive Sound Quality:

The inclusion of upgraded audio drivers, on the other hand, ensures an impressive and crystal clear sound quality for you to enjoy your favorite songs without any hassle.

For Attending or Rejecting Calls:

In the end, you can also utilize these wireless earphones to attend, to listen, or to reject upcoming calls without any hassle.

  • Sophisticated shape.

  • Perfect for long term use.

  • Easily attachable on the inside of helmet.

  • Suitable for long journeys.

  • Compact and portable wireless earphones.

  • Limited Qualities.

  • No other major issues.

Final Views:

Well, YOVDA motorcycle helmet earphones should be a priority for you in case you want to enjoy a soothing and a full-bass music experience without spending a lot of money.


10. Alta Wireless Bluetooth Headphones –  Premium Sound Quality:

Finally, we’d be ending our product discussion section with Alta Wireless Bluetooth headphones. With a shape resembling that of a typical headphone set, these wireless speakers are perfect for enjoying long rides on motorcycles or cruisers without any hassle. Priced at an under 100-dollar budget, these wireless headphones are a must especially if you want to enjoy a distortion-free music experience without any worries.

Alta Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Some notable features about Alta wireless headphones are as follows:

Key Features:

Bluetooth 5.0 Technology:

Starting with Bluetooth chip, it could easily be connected to the helmet. Besides the connectivity is quite strong as 5.0 version of Bluetooth works better than typical Wi-Fi connectivity.

Premium Sound:

In addition, you’d be getting a balanced sound experience with the best motorcycle helmet headphones for sure. The utilization of 40mm audio drivers in the headphones is what makes them worthy of trying.

Universal Compatibility:

Last but not the least, the headphones offer universal compatibility as they are compatible with most of the full-faced and half-faced helmets available in the market.

  • Durable and sturdy.

  • Similar shape as typical headphones.

  • Large 40mm audio drivers deliver crisp sound quality.

  • A bit bulky.

  • No other major issues.

Final Views:

The wireless headphones from Alta are a match made in heaven for the audiophiles. Get these headphones and enjoy hassle-free communication along with a perfect music experience without spending anything more than $100.



Top 3 Picks
Based on customer feedback and personal recommendation, the top 3 picks are as follows:

Cardo PACKTALK – easily the best motorcycle helmet speakers out there in 2020.

YOVDA Bluetooth 5.0 – the cheapest option available for low-budget peeps.

UClear Digital Pulse – if you are interested in wired motorcycle helmet speakers.


Buying Guide: Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers:

Many motorcyclists, no matter to which category they belong, feel hesitant in getting themselves one of the most entertaining accessories, i.e. helmet speakers.

Why? Lack of knowledge is a major blockage. Besides, many of them don’t even know how necessary these musical accessories have become over time.

Therefore, we are here to clear all your ambiguities so that you can finally choose a perfect speaker system for your helmet as per your preferences.

Let’s have a look without any further ado:

Why Do You Need Motorcycle Helmet Speakers in 2020?

Some arguments from my side to justify the need for this gadget are as follows:

  1. Helmet speakers, first of all, make your ride safer than you could expect. For instance, you can easily pick calls or reject them without even moving your hands from the handle.
  2. A crisp and crystal clear sound quality could be expected from these speaker systems. As a result, you’d start to enjoy even the longest journeys on a motorcycle.
  3. Technically upgraded speaker systems use intercom technology that ensures easy communication with the other crew members. Hence, you’d virtually be connected with your fellow riders throughout the journey.

These are all important reasons to consider purchasing a motorcycle helmet speaker system for future endeavors.

Still with me?

Great! Let’s move toward the next section that is based on the features that you should never ignore or overlook while choosing the best motorcycle helmet speakers.

Have a look as follows:

Things to Consider While Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet Speaker System:


A universally compatible speaker system that can easily pair up with different devices and can get attached to different helmet types must be a priority.

Higher compatibility factor offers peace of mind. Besides, it’s an option that is helpful in future especially if you want to change your motorcycle helmet due to different circumstances.

That is the reason you should never overlook the compatibility of helmet speakers you are going to get.

Many speakers are already advertised as universally compatible with most of the helmets and devices. However, for a perfect analysis, make sure that the gadget you are going to get is compact enough and not too bulky.

 Easy Connectivity: 

Next thing up on our list is easy connectivity. If you want to select a wired speaker system, make sure that it comes with a universal 3.5mm audio jack as most of the smartphones use 3.5mm audio connectivity interface.

In terms of a wireless speaker, try to choose one with an upgraded Bluetooth interface. Why? That’s because the latest Bluetooth technology is capable of ensuring flawless connectivity and that too without any distortion.

With easy connectivity options, you’d surely enjoy a perfect motorcycle riding experience for a long time.

 Solid and Crystal Clear Audio: 

Similarly, audio quality is something one simply can’t ignore as it’s an integral feature of a motorcycle helmet speaker.

Before you choose a helmet speaker, make sure that it comes with upgraded audio drivers.

Speakers with premium audio drivers offer a balance of bass, clarity, and a perfect tone of whatever you are listening to.

Believe me, this way you’d enjoy the songs you love the most while you are out on a long journey.

 Intercom Feature: 

Do you like to travel in a crew or have you got a team of motorcyclists that you want to remain in touch with while traveling? If that’s what you want, then never overlook the intercom option available in some of the technically upgraded speakers.

What the intercom option does is that it ensures pairing up of multiple devices in a specific range and thus allows you to remain connected to your crew members especially when you are on a long journey.

Most of the wireless headphones have this option as they’ve got a Bluetooth pairing feature. However, keep in mind that these speakers are a bit expensive. So, do revise your budget before you make a move for intercom integrated helmet speakers.

 Easy to Use: 

Last but not the least, the helmet speakers you are going to choose must have an easy to use interface.

That said, make sure that the speaker system you are going to choose comes with easy controls that could be adjusted without any hassle.

This way you’d remain focused on the road ahead while changing the music preferences as per your will and wish.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:1 Are motorcycle helmet speakers worth it?
Of course, they are. Mind you that these speaker systems are specifically designed to make the life of a rider as easy as possible. You can utilize them to pick or reject calls, listen to music, or connect with your fellow riders easily. So, they are simply worth each penny you spend on them.
Q:2 Is Cardo better than Sena?
Both brands are top-notch and offer some of the best features in the market. However, in terms of premium audio quality and long-range, Cardo has an edge over Sena and that’s a fact no one can ignore.

Q:3 What are the best headphones for motorcycle helmet?
YOVDA Bluetooth 5.0 are the best headphones for motorcycle helmet. For starters, these headphones have got a durable and sturdy design. Besides, the audio quality they offer is second to none. Finally, the price tag is quite affordable and that’s why you must get them as soon as possible.

I’m done with stating almost everything that I knew about the best motorcycle helmet speakers. Now is the time that you take an action and choose your favorite speaker system from the list I’ve mentioned above. For more queries, you can always leave a comment and I’d try to be as responsible as possible.

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