Best Motorcycle Helmet for Touring: The Top 7 Picks of 2021

Touring is all about long journeys with no breaks. In such conditions, a fancy motorcycle helmet is never going to help you out. That said, to find the perfect balance between weight, comfort, and easy visibility, you’d be needing the best motorcycle helmet for touring.

Touring helmets, first of all, are lightweight as you have to wear them for I don’t know how many days. Besides, they are breathable, offer an optimal fit, and ensure a wide view perspective at the same time.

Therefore, getting a touring helmet is a must, in short. Plus, if you are already looking for a perfect long journey helmet, then I’ve got some good news for you.

Best Motorcycle Helmet For Touring

Best Motorcycle Helmet for Touring

With the help of professional motorcyclists, my personal experience, and hours and hours of research, I’m able to present the top-rated touring motorcycle helmets of 2021.

Have a look at them as follows:

ILM Motorcycle Helmet
2. FreedConn Motorcycle Helmet
3. 1Storm Motorcycle Helmet
4. GLX Unisex-Adult GX15
5. Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet
6. Bell Qualifier
7. GLX Unisex-Adult GX11

1. ILM Motorcycle Helmet – Best Touring Motorcycle Helmet

Starting with ILM, we present you with one of the finest motorcycle helmets available in the market. ILM is a pioneer especially when it comes to producing properly balanced helmets for different purposes. That being said, the full face motorcycle helmet introduced by this brand is one of its kind.

It has got this matte black finish which looks quite beautiful while you are wearing it. Not only that, but you’d surely enjoy long journeys while wearing this helmet. With proper air ventilation and lightweight construction, the touring helmet is an ideal choice for a long road trip.

Not only that, but it also protects the face from harsh environmental conditions so that you can drive with safety. From a price perspective, this helmet will cost you no more than $60. All in all, it’s literally the best helmet option available in the market in such an affordable range.

Some important features included within ILM motorcycle helmet are as follows:

Technical Features:

Two Visors:

Two visors are included within the helmet, i.e. one clear visor along with a black tinted one. For normal use, a clear visor is an ideal option whereas you’d have to use the tinted visor in case of extreme sunlight.

Full Face Design:

Although the motorcycle helmet has a full face design, it’s an ideal choice for road trips to colder regions. The helmet will save your head and neck from intense cold without any hassle.

Streamlined Design:

ILM motorcycle helmet has a special streamlined aerodynamics design which is perfect for reducing the wind noise and drag. It won’t be overburdening your head at all and that’s the reason you should be going for it.

Quick Release Clasp Included:

One last thing that you must know about the best motorcycle helmet for touring is that it comes with a quick-release clasp. It enables the riders to put off the helmet within seconds after reaching his destination.

  • Two visors included.
  • Special streamlined design reduces wind.
  • Suitable option for cold and long trips.
  • Winter neck scarf available.
  • Offers a wide viewing experience.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • No flip-up design.
  • Visor isn’t waterproof.
Final Views
Even with some ignorable cons, ILM motorcycle helmet is an accessory that perfectly fits all demands and challenges a rider can face on a long journey. Go consider it before it’s too late.


2. FreedConn Motorcycle Helmet – Most Advanced Motorcycle Touring Helmet

FreedConn is a motorcycle accessory company that has been producing some of the most technically advanced helmets in the market without caring about the budget at all. For instance, the helmet we are going to discuss now has got almost all the features that a rider can expect from a motorcycle helmet.

From aesthetic and lightweight design to the inclusion of Bluetooth, this helmet won’t be disappointing you at all. Apart from that, the main reason I’ve termed it as one of the most advanced motorcycle helmets is that it comes with a sophisticated MP3 option and speakers.

So, you can imagine what a long journey would look like with a FreedConn helmet. It would be filled with fun entertainment and safety all along the way.

Some important features being offered by the best Bluetooth helmet are as follows:

Key Features You Must Know:

Modular Design:

First things first, the touring motorcycle helmet comes with a modular design. The helmet can thus be easily converted from full-face to open-face by flipping up the bottom side. Modular design is also perfect for an optimal ventilation system.

Bluetooth 3.0:

The availability of Bluetooth 3.0 spice up things pretty much perfectly. It can get paired up to different devices and could be utilized for different purposes such as attending or rejecting calls, listening to music, or FM radio, etc.

Special Ventilation System:

To keep long journeys and tours in mind, FreedConn has made special air ventilation pores in the helmet to make it as breathable as possible. A sweat-free riding experience could thus be expected from it.

Lightweight and Cushioned Properly:

One last thing that I liked the most in the best modular motorcycle helmet for touring is that it has a lightweight construction. In addition to that, proper cushioning is added to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

  • Lightweight and protective shell.
  • Properly cushioned with removable cheek pads.
  • Modular flip-up design.
  • Special ventilation system included.
  • Most advanced touring helmet.
  • Bluetooth 3.0 included.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Not meant for routine ridings.
Final Views
FreedConn with its touring motorcycle helmet is right now a trendy topic between professional motorcyclists. The features it has got are out of this world and it’s worth every penny you spend on it. So, get it before it’s too late.


3. 1Storm Motorcycle Helmet – Best Helmet for Touring Mountains:

Ever felt that the moment you start riding on mountainous areas, you’d feel an upthrust in your breathing. That’s because oxygen levels are low as you go higher and higher. In this scenario, you’d be needing a motorcycle helmet that is capable of offering a proper ventilation system.

1Storm motorcycle helmet will come to your rescue in this regard. This helmet has got an optimal fit, first of all. Besides, it comes with a special ventilation system. Besides, even if you are tightly packed, the helmet will ensure a proper flow of air inside so that you won’t feel suffocated.

All these qualities in just around $60 are the reason many professional riders are choosing a 1Storm motorcycle helmet.

Some important features that the helmet offers are as follows:

Key Features You Must Know:

Ultra-Lightweight Construction:

The outer shell and core of the helmet have been made from durable aerodynamic thermoplastic material. It’s extremely sturdy and extra lightweight at the same time for perfect riding experience.

Ventilation System:

There are three different levels of ventilation control available in the best motorcycle helmet for touring. In addition to that, you’d also like the 5 channel ventilation system for better breathability options while traveling in mountainous regions.

Comfortable Interior:

The balance between comfort and weight that this helmet offers is extraordinary. It has been heavily cushioned and has got a comfortable interior so that you won’t have to put it off again and again during a long journey.

Tinted Visor:

Finally, the visor is completely tinted on the outside so as to keep you away from direct sunlight and UV rays. You can thus ride your motorcycle with full safety and protection.

  • Tinted visor to ride in extremely sunny conditions.
  • Durable and sturdy thermoplastic construction.
  • Lightweight and a compact full-face helmet.
  • Upgraded 5 channel ventilation included.
  • Suitable for long journeys.
  • Heavily cushioned.
  • No flip-up option included.
  • Only one visor present.
Final Views
The touring motorcycle helmet from 1Storm offers extreme breathability, comfort, and a balance of weight while you are on long journeys. You can get this helmet, especially if spending more than 100 bucks is something unbearable for you.


4. GLX Unisex-Adult GX15 – Best Helmet for Long Rides:

Up next on our list is a unisex full-face helmet from GLX. The motorcycle helmet offers due support, comfort, and luxury of going on long rides without any hassle. Not only that, but the first impressions are quite smooth. That said, the outer shell is not only protective, but it’s been graffitied to give an aesthetic touch to the helmet.

Other than that, there are no major concerns about the inner comfort as the helmet’s been properly cushioned. All in all, it’s a perfect alternative for riders who ought to go on a long journey every once in a while with their families.

Some notable features regarding the best long rides motorcycle helmet are as follows:

Features You Must Know:

Extremely Lightweight:

First things first, the outer shell of the helmet is designed from polycarbonate material. Not only that, but the aerodynamics aesthetics has also been added to it to ensure a lightweight and comfortable riding experience. There won’t be any burden on your head whatsoever.

Effective Air Circulation:

A constant airflow is extremely necessary especially when you are out on a long journey. For that purpose. GLX motorcycle helmet ensures perfect breathability via lower and upper vents. Hence you won’t be suffocating yourself at all.

No Fogging Issues:

Fogging inside the visor lens is an issue that almost every motorcyclist experience while riding in a cold area. However, with an advanced 3D shield adjustment from GLX, the helmet won’t be allowing any fog to gather on the lens, thus ensuring a wide and clear view.

DOT Approved:

Last but not the least, one of the best touring motorcycle helmets meets the DOT standards. It offers immense protection safety especially in emergency conditions to ensure a long ride without any hassle.

  • Meets DOT standards.
  • Durable and sturdy polycarbonate exoskeleton.
  • Fully cushioned interior for immense comfort.
  • An ideal choice for long journeys.
  • Perfectly defogs the visor.
  • Unisex design.
  • Only one visor included.
  • Poor customer support.
Final Views
To be honest, GLX motorcycle helmet has impressed me especially with its lightweight and comfortable fit. The luxurious graffiti is another X factor for people who love to ride in style. So, get it as soon as possible or you’d be regretting your decision later.


5. Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet – Open Face Motorcycle Helmet for Touring:

Another gem of a helmet that’s remained as a helpful companion for riders who want to triumph long trips is Westt Rover. Mind you that this motorcycle helmet is specifically designed to ensure an open breathing and ventilating system.

The open-faced perspective is thus perfect for tropical areas where you need a good amount of air supply to keep going. Other than that, Westt Rover meets all protection measures and standards and is thus regarded as one of the most protective motorcycle helmets available in the market.

Plus, you’d surely be surprised to know that this touring helmet will cost you no more than 50 bucks. Sounds exceptional, isn’t it?

Some important features regarding the best touring motorcycle helmet under 50 are as follows:

Features You Must Know:

Sunlight and Scratch Resistant Visor:

The visor installed in Westt Rover is one of its kind. It can resist most of the sunlight and is anti-scratch at the same time. Hence, you’d be able to enjoy a broad and wide view with the helmet for sure.

Meets Safety Standards:

One other thing that is worth noticing about the helmet is that it meets all DOT standards. Thus, you can rely on it especially when the conditions surrounding you are not ideal.

Proper Breathability:

The open-faced design is specifically crafted to meet the expectations or riders who sweat a lot. Besides, this helmet is an ideal choice especially if you want to visit hot and tropical areas on your motorcycle.

Syncing Chip:

Lastly, an upgraded syncing chip is included on the bottom of the helmet. It can synchronize and store your smartphone data and other medical records in case if any emergency happens.

  • Open-faced design is suitable for hot climates.
  • Syncing chip included.
  • Extremely reasonable price tag.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Offers sheer protection and safety
  • Outer shell is resistant to accidents.
  • Not suitable for cold regions.
  • No other major issues.
Final Views
Westt Rover is an epitome of comfort, durability, protection, compactness, and a broad view within an affordable budget. My recommendation? Get it if you are about to start a long journey to a desert or tropical area.


6. Bell Qualifier – Touring Helmet for Cold Regions:

Up next on our list is a sophisticated motorcycle helmet meant for long trips and journeys especially to the colder regions. Yeah, I’m talking about Bell Qualifier that comes in with a smooth build and construction. One thing that I liked the most about this helmet is how easily and comfortably it fits your head.

I mean, it’s as smooth as cutting butter with a sharp knife. Other than that, the thing which has impressed me the most is its visor which is resistant to many unwanted circumstances. Want to know more about Bell Qualifier? Hop down as follows:

Technical Features You Need to Know:

Visor Construction:

Firstly, the best motorcycle helmet for long tours is resistant to fog, scratches, sunlight, and harmful UV rays. It’s been made with premium quality materials and that’s the main reason you’d be able to enjoy a safe ride.

Full Face Design:

Well, the full face perspective is best meant for people who are prone to getting cold while visiting snowy areas. One thing that this helmet guarantee is protection from outer environment at all costs.

DOT Approved:

All safety and protection measures mentioned by DOT are applicable to Bell Qualifier. Apart from offering comfort and a perfect fit, you can rely on and trust this helmet for your own protection and safety.

Ventilation System:

To cool down the inner environment and lessen the humidity, a proper Velocity Flow ventilation is provided with the helmet for a sweat-free ride. The breathability is second to none and I was literally impressed with Bell Qualifier’s airflow system.

  • Full face design suits colder climates.
  • Sturdy and protective shell.
  • Lightweight and offers optimal fit.
  • Properly cushioned from inside.
  • Meets or exceeds DOT and CARB standards.
  • A good companion for long journeys.
  • Single visor available only.
  • No other probable cons.
Final Views
Well, Bell Qualifier is all about offering immense comfort and breathability throughout your journey. I’d surely be recommending you this awesome helmet especially if you’ve got a budget of around 100 dollars.


7. GLX Unisex-Adult GX11 – Lightweight Touring Helmet:

We’d be wrapping up the helmet-review section with one last addition from GLX. This unisex, long touring helmet is introduced to solve almost all problems that most of the motorcyclists face while traveling to longer destinations.

The most promising feature that the GLX helmet offers is that it’s extremely lightweight and compact at the same time. No compromises on the durability and protection, whatsoever. On the contrary, the helmet offers a diverse application.

That is, from normal use to long journeys, this helmet will remain your companion for a good amount of time. Some important features included within the best lightweight touring helmet are as follows:

Features You Should Know:

Aerodynamic Design:

With the boost of aerodynamic shell, the helmet can easily bear harsh windy conditions without any hassle. Besides, most of the wind noise is also diminished with this design.


The helmet, on the other hand, is extremely breathable. It comprises of a special air ventilation system that keeps the inner environment as dry as possible. As a result, you’d surely enjoy a sweat-free long ride.

Clear and Distortion-Free Visor:

The visor included in GLX GX11 is something exceptional. It offers a broad view and is resistant to the likes of fog and scratches. Not only that, but the outer side is made rain-repellant for perfect riding experience.

Breath Guard Included:

A special breath guard is added to the helmet to make sure that there is less fog production especially when the visor is being utilized. This feature would help you to see a better view even if you are heading towards a colder region.

  • Breathe guard for reduced fog production.
  • Extremely breathable motorcycle helmet.
  • Perfect for long journeys (Colder climates).
  • Ensures a comfortable and balanced ride.
  • Full-face design keeps you safe from dust.
  • Not recommended for daily usage.
  • A bit shaky.
Final Views
GLX GX11 is a motorcycle helmet with a unisex design means it can be utilized both by males and females without any worries. So, get it if you want a family trip on a motorcycle.


Top 3 Picks
Based on my experience, what the professional motorcyclists recommend, and the positive customer feedback, the top 3 picks are as follows:

  1. ILM Motorcycle Helmet being the Best motorcycle helmet for touring.
  2. FreedConn Motorcycle Helmet if you want to enjoy updated features within an expensive budget.
  3. Westt Rover Motorcycle Helmet as it’s the cheapest motorcycle helmet available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:1 Is it necessary to get a touring motorcycle helmet?
The need of a touring motorcycle helmet cannot be ignored at all. Above are the helmets that can ease your long journey especially if you are riding in harsh weather conditions. You’d have a peace of mind while traveling in a helmet that is specifically designed to resist the unwanted scenarios during a long trip.
Q:2 What is the best touring motorcycle helmet?
From the list I’ve mentioned above, I’d go with the FreedConn Motorcycle helmet. First of all, it has the most advanced ventilation system. Besides, its design is modular that is yet another plus point. At last, the inclusion of Bluetooth 3.0 and speakers work as a cherry topping on a cake and that’s the reason I’d go with this touring helmet.
Q:3 What is the most comfortable motorcycle helmet?
1Storm Motorcycle Helmet is the most comfortable touring helmet out there. It comes with an enhanced cushioning design. In addition to that, the inclusion of cheek pads along with memory foam adds more comfort and softness to the inner side of the helmet. So, it’s an ideal choice for offering sheer comfort during long journeys.
Q:4 What to look for in a motorcycle helmet meant for long tours?
The first thing that you should ensure is the overall weight of the helmet. It must be lightweight enough and should offer an optimal fit. Other than that, the motorcycle helmet should comply with DOT standards to offer enhanced protection. A wide-view and anti-scratching visor is also a must in a motorcycle helmet meant for touring. In the end, make sure that the helmet you are going to get is breathable enough as it will help you remain calm throughout the journey.
Q:5 Which type of helmet should I prefer to travel to colder areas?
A full-face helmet type is perfect for colder and temperate regions. These helmets offer a balance of comfort, weight, and protection. Plus, your head will remain warm enough even if you are traveling to a snowy area. So, a full-face helmet is a must for such conditions.


To Summarize
No matter how much you want to go on long trips, traveling without a touring helmet would be a disaster as I still remember my experience where I had to stop at many points just because I was wearing a normal helmet. So, make a wise decision and check out the list I’ve mentioned above. You’d surely be able to select the perfect fit as per your needs.

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